Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology

This year marks the fifth year since we began offering the Green Science Course and the Green Engineering Course in which classes are conducted in English for international students and others. Both courses have attracted students from many countries and regions, thereby realizing a highly diverse environment for education. Graduates of the first and second batches were able to pursue a wide variety of careers. In the autumn semester of 2013, the Green Science and Engineering Division of the Graduate Program of Science and Technology was started in which classes and dissertation guidance are conducted entirely in English. A large number of graduates from the English Course go on to this graduate program along with university graduates from other countries.

One of the features of the English Course is small-group instruction. In the Green Science Program, based on the curriculum of the Department of Materials and Life Sciences, students learn the fundamentals of chemistry, applied chemistry, physics, and biology in their entirety, thereby acquiring cross-disciplinary knowledge. By the same token, in the Green Engineering Program, based on the curriculum of the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, students learn the fundamentals of physics, mechanical engineering, and electrical/electronic engineering. Students in their senior year carry out undergraduate research and are able to gain mastery of science and engineering by leveraging the results of basic studies that they achieved. On top of these, international students engage in undergraduate research, student experiments, and other activities with Japanese Program students in many cases, giving them firsthand exposure to Japanese students culture.

Despite being situated in the center of the giant Tokyo metropolis, almost all the faculties and graduate school courses of arts and sciences at Sophia University are consolidated in one location, forming a single yet diverse society. We hope you understand our mission, “Sophia – Bringing the World Together”, and look forward to having you with us in the near future.